Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chemo is evil

Well, it's Tuesday and I'm JUST NOW feeling better. The nausea is still lingering, but it's not so bad that I want to shoot myself anymore! I cannot believe how bad it was with this lighter chemo dose. Weekly chemo is supposed to be much easier than the every 3 weeks regimen, but so far I'm not impressed! And I have to go back in 2 days for more! AHHHH!!!! The "chemo spa" is losing its spa qualities pretty fast. There is a smell/taste that enters my mouth with the initial IV stick. It's horrible! I've been told it's the alcohol from the cleansing swab that enters my bloodstream a little. Usually, I get over it pretty quick, but with this nausea I can taste it even now and the thought of going back in a couple of days is freaking me out! This time I will take the anti-nausea medicine religiously BEFORE I start feeling sick. I hope and pray it's not as bad.

The plan is on Friday to have my radiation at 2pm, then drive up to spend the holiday weekend with John. They have a fantastic 4th of July celebration in Highlands and so far we haven't missed it. I figure if we leave on Friday afternoon before the "yuckies" set in, then I can just lay around up there instead of here at home. Mom is going with us like she normally does - thanks, Mom!

I sure have missed John and the girls these past few days and I'm so glad they'll be home tonight. But then they're off again tomorrow. I'll admit, it has been a help not to have to worry about them while I've been so miserable, but I still miss them! Cisco and Chloe have been pretty good company (that's our 5-month old rat terrier mix and my 18-year old cat). Chloe has loved having a nap partner! Penny, Cisco's little sister, went up with John and the girls. But she'll be back tonight and stay with me while Cisco goes back with them. We try to make it fair for both dogs! Actually, they are much easier to manage when they're apart, the little stinkers!

I want to say how much I appreciate everyone's offers to help. Jan has been overwhelmed with your responses! I feel so lucky to have you all, I just hope you know how grateful I am. You have truly made this whole mess a lot easier to deal with for me! God has blessed me well!


Alisha Dawn said...

Melinda I will pray that this next round is not as bad on you. Staying ahead with nausea meds sounds like a good idea...ugh! I like your new page design! I hope you guys have a great weekend! I cannot believe Chloe is still hanging in there!! What a trooper she is! Her picture reminds so much of Madison. She was such a sweetheart. I still miss her.

DJ said...

Melinda, My dad found that Gatorade got rid of the taste you are speaking of. In fact, that's all he could drink if he was going to eat, because food brought that taste out too. With the Gatorade it was much better, and it made him feel better too. Just a thought to ask your doctor. DJ