Thursday, June 10, 2010

Biopsy results

"Right supraclavicular mass . . . metastatic adenocarcinoma . . . the specimen is compared with patient's previous right ovarian cyst that demonstrated endometrioid adenocarcinoma . . . they have similar histology."

So basically, all that is saying is my original cancer has come back in my neck lymph node. I will go for a PET/CT scan to determine the extent of its spread.

After the surgeon told me the results and gave me a copy of the report, John and I went next door to Dr. Salmieri's office, my oncologist. They had already received the report. The nurse let me back in to see him in his office, even though I didn't have an appointment. He explained that there is a 10% chance of stage 1 cancer recurring. Even though I took every precaution - surgery to remove all susceptible organs and 6 rounds of chemo (some doctors only recommend 3 rounds for stage 1 and some don't recommend any chemo at all!) - it came back anyway. He explained that there are 3 time periods they look at with recurrence. If it comes back within 6 months of initial treatment, they try another chemo. If it comes back 12 months later, they can re-treat with the same chemo or try another. And if it comes back 2 years later (like mine), they usually re-treat with the same chemo. They rationalize that it worked for 2 years, maybe it will work for another two.

He also said radiation was an option depending on the extent of metastases (spread). He mentioned using radiation or chemo to shrink the mass in my neck, then using the cyberknife to eliminate it. But, of coure, all this depends on how much cancer there is. The PET/CT scan will show all the places in my body that have cancer. I'm waiting right now for a call back from the scheduling office to see how soon I can get it done.

Dr. Salmieri will present my case to the tumor board where several doctors will weigh in with their recommendations. He's going to call me on Tuesday with the next step.

It's been a bad day, I'll write more later. Thanks for reading!


DJ said...

Melinda- I am just sick to hear this. We will continue praying for your "loop hole" and another major miracle. I know you need your privacy to review all of this with John. Again, I offer our services to keep the girls, your house or mine, and we'll plan play dates for them, as well. Or, if you need to be driven to someplace, I'll drive you. I love you and I'm here. I'll call you by Saturday if I haven't heard from you, but you don't have to answer if you don't want to talk. One of my prayers for you:
God, Melinda Young is one of the "truly good guys" on this earth. She is kind, generous, and beautiful inside and out. We come to you in prayer once again today, with the prayer for complete healing of Melinda's body. I'm on my knees Father, begging for her health. Her girls and her husband need her with them. We need her in our lives. We are all so much better people because we know her. Hear my prayer, Father. We love and trust you in all things, but here we are begging for your healing hand very soon.
Love, your faithful servant, Debra J

Anonymous said...

Hi Melinda. I am Terri Queen, Patrick's wife. Patrick and I have been praying for John and you over the past week and will continue to lift you up in the days ahead. I am looking forward to meeting you soon (and John, too) as Pat has told me what a wonderful family you are. We both agree that God arranged for Pat to work at Cullasaja so he could minister to John as he faces the battle with you. We truly understand what you are facing because of the courageous battle our daughter, Alyson, fought at age 5. Please know that our family is behind you 100% in whatever it takes to help out with John's job situation. He couldn't have a more loving, caring person there than Pat. Also, I have already asked many of my Christian friends to pray for you as you defeat cancer again! Continue to trust that God is the final authority in all of this...not the medicine, not the doctors...but God. And, He is the great Healer!! May His grace undergird you and your family through these times. Terri

Haley D. said...

You remain in my prayers! We will do anything we can to help out. Love you!