Monday, September 24, 2007

"911, what is your emergency?" (not what you think!)

So John is upstairs folding laundry and Rachel Rose is . . . 'helping'. His cell phone is lying on the nightstand. RR's been playing with it. In a little while, he hears her talking, "Hello, Aunt Jan!" He looks down and she's got the phone to her ear. Thinking she's just pretending, he goes over to her. Then he hears a voice on the other end. He grabs the phone, "Jan, are you there?" But the voice answers, "No, this is Forsyth 911. What is your emergency?" RR has somehow dialed 911. He immediately apologizes, hangs up, and scolds her about pushing buttons on the phone. But the bad part is, this is not the first time she's called them!
As for me, I am LOVING not worrying about dinner. To those of you who are helping out - God Bless You and will you share recipes! My kids are eating better than when I cook myself! I am sooooo thankful for the food!
I did go back to my oncologist today. Yesterday was a yucky day. I ran a low fever, was nauseous, and my incision began leaking (sorry, it's gross - but at least you didn't have to see it!). They had me come in today to take a look. He said it is showing signs of infection so he put me on an antibiotic. He also changed my painkillers since the others were upsetting my stomach. I have felt much better today. Hopefully, yesterday was the hump I had to get over and it will only getter better from here on.
Tomorrow he is presenting my case to a "tumor board" which is a group of doctors who consult with each other about their patients. They each give their opinions on treatments. He is anticipating them to agree with the 6 rounds of chemo, but he will call me tomorrow to let me know theirs and his final decision. Actually, it's my final decision, just their recommendation. But I would prefer to suck it up and do the chemo and be more confident that I did everything possible to cure it. 18 weeks is no big deal! He said I will probably have my first treatment the first week of October. I'm hoping for Monday, the 7th. John is off that day anyway and that frees up the weekend before to go to his club's big end-of-season gala. I get to wear a pretty dress! What goes well with blonde?
I'm pretty sure I will be bald by Halloween. I've heard that the hair loss with Taxol (the chemo drug I'll be taking) happens 14-21 days after the first treatment. I've been thinking of Halloween costumes I could wear and Uncle Fester keeps coming to mind. Bald head, black gown, lightbulb in my mouth, easy!
I am going to start looking for hats and scarves as soon as I feel like it. I tried on a bandana just to see if I knew how to tie it. Rachel Rose came up and said, "Mommy, you a pirate!" Then she ran to get me an eye patch! Arrrgghhh!!!


Debbie and Charlie said...

Melinda - we are so happy to hear that your prognosis and progress is positive. We're keeping you in our thoughts and prayers and sending lots of positive energy .. and faith your way.

Debbie and Charlie Shelton

Jim and Betty Ann Rodgers said...

Dear Melinda, we are so glad to hear that your surgery is done and things went well. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers as you proceed through the chomtherapy. Jim and Betty Ann Rodgers (Cullasaja Club members).

Vicki Tucker said...

You are hysterical! I hate that it took cancer to get you blogging! Other ideas: Daddy Warbucks, Demi Moore/GI Jane, Telly Savalas...lollipop in mouth sounds better to me than light bulb. Hopefully you are not so young that you do not know who Savalas is...that would make me very old. :) Vicki

dawnslildarlin said...
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Alisha said...

Hey girl! I'm SO happy to know that you are doing so well and that your prognosis is AWESOME! What an answer to prayer. You will stay in our prayers. :)
I had to laugh at RR's call to 911, Alyssa did the same thing only we didn't catch her in the act and the police showed up at our door...that was quite a surprise! LOL!

BIG hugs girl! We love you!

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