Monday, October 10, 2011

Updates . . .

Real quick, here's what's going on . . .

1. I finished radiation and am still having some lingering effects - fatigue, burns - they should last a few more weeks. But the dr. feels confident that the rads did their job.

2. I went to the eye dr. for my regular exam and he found a suspicious spot behind my left retina. So I will go see a retina specialist on Wednesday to find out what it's all about. Praying it's nothing major.

3. Still having severe upper stomach pain. Like I'm being punched over and over. When the pain isn't severe, I've always got a dull achey feeling there. Dr. is going to do an ultrasound on Tuesday. Could be gallbladder.

4. Chemo is on hold. At first it was my white counts that were too low. Now it's my platelets. Will get rechecked on Wednesday for possibly a treatment then.

5. My hair seems to have stopped falling out, but I am now left with a lot of thinning. I have a hat that is pretty much my standard wear now.

6. With the stomach issues, I have lost weight. But that's not a good thing until I can start eating again. Right now, even bananas cause a stomach attack!

So, that's about it for now. I will see Dr. S on Thursday and go over all these issues with him. We'll see what he thinks . . .

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