Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Been a busy summer!

We got back in town yesterday morning, just in time for my treatment. Seems like we've been going all summer - the beach, then the mountains! It has been great and the kids can't complain about being bored! My treatment went just fine, it was the last day of treatment #4 so I get two weeks off before #5 starts. I did find out my CA125 is down again, not a lot, but some - it's now 51. I do worry that it's not a big drop. That maybe my body is becoming desensitized to the drugs and they are not having the same effect as in the beginning. I will see Dr. S on Monday and find out what he thinks. At least it is dropping and not rising!

I'm feeling good, still have the fatigue and shortness of breath and the cough! I'm starting back on my Advair inhaler, going to use it reguarly this time and hope it makes a difference. I just have to pace myself and accept that I can't do the same tings as before. I do miss the yardwork (good grief, did I just say that???) I actually enjoy pulling weeds, trimming, and keeping the yard tidy. But I have to say, my flowers are doing amazingly well without my help! I've even had some perennials pop up that I didn't even know were there!!

I want to take a few sentences and give a huge THANK YOU to our Cullasaja family. They have been an amazing support for us, more than they can ever know! We are so blessed to have them a part of our lives. John definitely has more than a job in NC, we have a group of angels there! Love love love and immense gratitude to all of you!!!

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Haley D. said...

It sounds like you're having a great summer! That is such good news. May all your weeds be wildflowers!