Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Week off

This is my week off chemo and I am feeling really great. Getting things done and feeling productive. We are actually having a yard sale this weekend to try and make some cash for our beach trip. Come one, come all!!! We'll start it on Thursday and go til Saturday. We don't have too many valuable items, but lots of cheap junk for those that love bargains!! We actually have a lot of ladies and girls clothes. I am finally giving up on my size 4's and 6's. After hanging in the closet for years waiting on me to lose weight, they are ready to move on to a needy anorexic. Actually, some of the dresses are really nice and a few never worn (wishful dreaming on my part, I guess!).

The girls are doing great, just wrapping up the last few days of school. Their last day is next Wednesday. We are hoping to go up for a Highlands visit Memorial Day weekend. John has a place he is renting for the summer. I'd like to get up there and add my personal touches to it! We are looking for a sleeper sofa and a set of bunk beds to use for the summer, or to buy cheap. Anyone have any leads, message me!

Well, got a busy day today so I better get started. Right after I enjoy this yummy cup of DD coffee. I have to say the customer service industry has redeemed itself to me in the past few days. After buying a coke at a Burger King last week, I drove up to the window counting my handful of change. I didn't want to use my debit card for $1.92 and I never have cash. The nice lady told me as I was counting, "Just give me what you got, honey!" So I handed her my dimes and pennies and drove away. How nice was that! And this morning, at the DD, I misunderstood the guy on the intercom and was short 10 cents. I tried to give him a dime, but he just waved me on with a smile. Good Morning and God Bless to all who have a kind and generous heart! My goal is to pay it forward always!

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