Thursday, August 12, 2010

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel

FINALLY!!! I'm feeling better. It's now day #7 post-chemo. Good grief! If I was still on the weekly dose and had to go back tomorrow, I'd be having a major meltdown. Thank goodness, I have two weeks to enjoy. I'm not totally 100% - major fatigue, neuropathy, a few stomach issues - but the nausea is waning. Hallelujah!! It's the absolute worst feeling in the world. Honestly, I think I would rather deal with a severed limb! This time I also had body aches or bone pain, I'm not sure, and chills. It was like the flu multiplied by a million. If the achiness happens again, I might ask for some narcotics! Anything to make me feel better. Too bad medical marijuana isn't legal in Georgia!!

In the meantime, the girls started back to school. Caroline is in 4th grade and Rachel Rose is in kindergarten. They are both at Mashburn Elementary and it's so weird to see them both get off the bus together. For so long, RR has been in the car with me while we wait on Caro. Usually, she was talking nonstop. Now it's just me and it's quiet, ahhh!

They are both loving their classes. RR comes home each day saying it was better than the last. And Caroline now has a crush - but don't say anything!!! We are so lucky to have our girls at Mashburn, it is an exceptional school. All of the teachers there are wonderful, but I do think we got a couple of the star ones - Ms. Buchwald and Ms. Melton. I am so thankful!

I am still not working. My gracious director, Ms. Marty, is subbing for me this month. She is a lifesaver! I hope to go back part-time in September, teaching during my 2 good weeks. We'll see how this month goes and what kind of pattern I can expect.

Next Tuesday is my follow-up appointment with the radiation oncologist, Dr. Levitt. He will do a scan to check the lymph node on my neck where I had radiation. The burns are all cleared up and my throat is minimally sore, so I'm hoping he'll get an accurate picture of the node. It still feels like a big bump to me, we'll just have to wait and see . . .

I have to give a huge thanks to my aunt and uncle, Lanie and Jerry. In addition to bringing a delicious dinner (I did finally have a plate the next afternoon, so good!), they stayed and did repairs in my bathroom and cleaned my whole house! I can't imagine what professionals would've charged, and they did it all! I am so blessed to have them. They are the sweetest, most genuine people. Love, love, love to them!

And I want to thank another aunt and uncle, Martha and Jimmy. Their generosity amazes me. They can't possibly know how much I appreciate them! Love, love, love to them, too!

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Alisha said...

Wow... Melinda that sounds horrible. :( you are such a trooper! I hope you get to enjoy feeling better the next two weeks! Much love and prayers coming your way. Are the girls liking school so far?