Monday, June 21, 2010

Not much news. Had my second radiation treatment this morning. I go every morning at 9:15 and get finished about 9:45. The first visit was Friday and it took a long time because they had to get all the measurements just right. They had me lie on the table and hold a bar above my head so that my arms were out of the way. I had to be completely still while they took x-rays and made adjustments. I looked like a frozen swimmer doing the backstroke! It was killing my shoulder where the tumor was and toward the end my hands went completely numb! I kept asking why I had to keep my arms stretched up when the spot was in my neck and I'm still not quite sure of the reason they gave me. They marked all over me with sharpies and finally got finished after about 30 minutes. I hate to be a whiner during these kinds of things, but dang, that nerve in my neck hurt!

Before it was over, I had to get tattoos of the target spots. Yes, they are REAL tattoos! I asked if I could choose my design, maybe a lightning bolt! But they said no, all they did was dots. And not even different colors, just standard dark blue. So I thought maybe later I could add to the dots and get a cancer ribbon tattoo or the girls' initials, something meaningful. Then the first prick happened, and OWOWEEEE!! I think I'll reconsider.

Today's treatment was much quicker, I guess the tattoos were worth it!

I'm still waiting to be scheduled for chemo. The paperwork process is very slow - this person has to approve this form so the insurance company can pre-certify these drugs yadayadayada. I was told today that it would likely be next week before I can actually start treatments. I'm ready to get started. The sooner I start, the sooner I can finish. But I guess this does give me one extra week with hair!!

Will keep you all posted.


Ina Conley (Mom) said...

It gets better, sweetie! And, it really is worth it. That pain will subside over time. Just get yourself plenty of books and movies and get comfortable on the sofa - best place I can recommend. The time really will go fast. Just get as much rest as you possibly can. We're all here for you and soon Jan and I will get the calendar of volunteers organized and we'll have you so spoiled John will want to turn you back in - nah, can't see that happening. Just remember how strong you are and how many battles you've already won in your short lifetime. There's lots more fight in you!!! As my favorite saying goes - "This too shall pass." I love you bunches and bunches!

Ina Conley (Mom) said...

This comment is for all Melinda's friends and family that read this blog. Since Melinda's cancer recurred, so many have stepped up to offer support in any way they can. We appreciate so much everyone's generosity! In order to organize the help she will need, I am working with her sister, Jan, to compile a list of volunteers who would like to help with things such as meals, babysitting, light housekeeping, laundry, gas money, etc. If you are interested, please send me your contact info and what you would like to help with.
We were so pleased and excited with the reports she got last week, but this next 18 weeks is going to be difficult. Anything that can be done to help will be so welcomed and appreciated. Mostly, we need prayers that God will continue to bless her and John and the girls. Thank you for all the support you have already shown. It means a lot to me to know my daughter is so loved by so many! My email address is; Jan's address is

Haley D. said...

You are an amazing woman! I read each post and end up laughing about something. Laughter truly is the best medicine, so keep your chin up. I think you should definitely get those dots designed into tattoos!