Friday, October 3, 2008

A mother's revenge!

The mother squirrel is taking her revenge. Last night after the babies were safely taken by the nice wildlife rescue man, I was sure I would finally get a complete night's sleep. But nooooooooo . . . . that 'blankety-blank' mother began 'blankety-blank' scratching in the middle of the 'blankety-blank' night!!! John was home, after being in NC for the week, and without raising up out of bed, he said, "Just put Chloe up there." Like I hadn't already tried that along with a zillion other things!!!

I'll be buying a live trap this afternoon . . . that
'blankety-blank' squirrel is going down!!!!


Mom said...

Boy, if you're not a chip off the old block I don't know what is - -I thought I was the one that had the "adventures". Why didn't you chose another of my great traits?
I love you!

HaleyD said...

My bet's on you, not that "blankety-blank" squirrel! Let us know how this one turns out.

Auntie Martha said...

OK! Good Job ... now just kill that scracthing . blankety-blank thing. After all she is only a Mother that has lost her children and has no idea what happen to her babies. Kill her I say!!!!!!!!!! Just kiddin.. you're life is better than Judge Judy..LOL..

Junior said you should have sent Rachel Rose and let her kick their A--!!!!! Junior has a really bad mouth.

Love Ya Animal Kingdom Woman


Alisha said...

Melinda that is quite an adventure! Its amazing what sleep deprivation will drive one to isn't it?? I hope you got her!!! LOL