Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A few hot topics -

So here's the conversation I overheard the other day . . .

Rachel Rose: "Daddy, how tall are you?"
John: "Oh, about six feet."
Rachel Rose: "Noooo, you just got two like me!"
I look over and she's holding her feet up to him. Guess she set him straight, he's actually 5'11" and 3/4! ;-)

So, what's new with me? Here's a few hot topics -
  • John got a new car! Yipppeee! Ding, dong, the Taurus is gone, the wicked Taurus is gone!! He actually was able to get a brand new Corolla. His very first brand new car. It's beautiful - pale silver and soooooo clean! We'll see how long that will last. For now, the girls have to pass inspection before they can enter it! We are so happy to have it because it's going to get so much better gas mileage than the Taurus which is huge with him traveling back and forth to NC. And the Taurus was in need of some major repairs . . . good riddance (I never liked that car).
  • The girls are finally back in school. Forsyth got a really long break this year and it actually got to be too long. Caro and RR did play very well together with all their new toys, but they finally reached their limit. Amazing how fast new toys become boring . . . they should include a shelf life on the box. Probably, though, the cold weather had a lot to do with the boredom. They got new bikes and would've spent time riding them, but it was just too too too cold!
  • My birthday is tomorrow! 38! We've made a tradition of wearing my tiara from Miss NGC on our birthdays (well, John is excused from it). I wonder how it will look on my bald head . . . Ha! Ha! I'm laughing just envisioning it!!! I could wear one of my new wigs and the tiara. Thanks to my Friends Fund that so many of you contributed to, I was able to buy two new wigs - one short and brown, like a pixie cut and the other RED! I love the red one and actually wear it to school when I sub. Thank you all so much for your amazing generosity!
  • My platelets are low. After my blood draw this morning I got a call from the chemo nurses saying that they were at 47 and they have to be over 100 before I can have my treatment. So, it looks like I won't have my 5th treatment on Thursday as planned. Hopefully, I can get it on Friday. I'll have another blood draw to check and see. Unfortunately, there is no medicine or shot they can give to boost platelets. Just gotta let your body do it on its own. If they get too low, they can give you a transfusion. That's what Mom had to do with her first chemo back in 2001. I would like to avoid that if at all possible - I've had enough transfusions, thank you! (39 when I hemorrhaged with Caroline's birth)
  • Oh, yeah - my incision drama has begun again! (Warning - graphic content alert!) The other day as I was drying off after a bath, I noticed that I must've rubbed too hard because a small spot on it had split open and begun to bleed. It wasn't deep just the surface skin, but it is draining/bleeding some still. I've also got a small area about 4 inches away that has begun to hurt. Maybe it's all the same thing, but the nerves are cross-wired. I have an appointment to see the dr on Thursday. We'll see what he has to say about this. If he mentions the word, 'packing', I'm running out of there as fast as I can. I've done my time with this darn incision, I don't want any more grief over it. I just can't believe it has done this - it has been 4 months since my surgery!!! I had no idea the incision could reopen like this. Although this spot was the last to heal and it never seemed to smooth over like the rest, it has always been red and puffy. Gosh, my scar is so hideous - crooked, sunken, bumpy, red and purple. I need an extreme makeover!
So that's about it for my latest news. The hormone issue seems to be resolved at the moment. Cross your fingers for me! Hope all is well with all of you!


Becca Lynn said...

Happy Birthday!

Becca Lynn said...

Oops - hit publish too quickly. You should post a Miss NGC picture on here . . . that's some special memories. What a night!! But Good Lord it seems like it was just yesterday.

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy BIRTHHHHHHHHHHHday, dear Melinda...
Happy Birthday, to you!

Timestep said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

I wish you would post pictures of you with the tiara. I'll bet you look lovely.

Kiki said...

Well said.